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Mamba Fight League makes LEC debut

Langley Events Centre hosted Mamba Fight League 13 on Friday, September 29. Garrett James LEC photo

Alireza Jadidi won the Kickboxing Grand Prix – and the $5000 prize that came along with it – at Mamba Fight League 13.

The 13-card fight was held at Langley Events Centre on Friday (September 29) night.

The grand prix featured four combatants who squared off in a pair of semi-final bouts earlier in the evening with Jadidi defeating Lee Walton in one fight in a unanimous decision while Phil Engeroff won in a split decision over Kuchlong Kuchlong in the other. And in the final, Jadidi won again by unanimous decision over Engeroff to take home the prize.

The other main events saw Jag Bhullar defeat Brian Crowe by submission in the third round in the heavyweight pro mixed martial arts category while Buneet Bisla won by unanimous decision over Bryan Pintor in the pro boxing 175-pound division with the fight going the full six rounds.

Other winners on the night included:

Mixed Martial Arts

Dinote Hurtado defeated Arjot Gill with a first-round technical knockout in the 190-pound novice division; Austin Batra won by submission over Caleb Ermine in the 155-pound division in the pro category; and Ashley Watkins won by technical knockout in the first round over Sonia Blade in the 115-pound advanced category.


In the pro kickboxing category, Dmytro Savytskyi defeated Milad Baranghari in the 155-pound division; Sasha Tadayoni won by technical knockout over Odai Abozraiq in the 155-pound division, and Amir Ghassemi defeated Justin Cheng by technical knockout in the 155-pound division.

For the novice division, Reece Anderson defeated Michael Perkins in the 160-pound weight class by unanimous decision, and Rizwan Qureshi won by unanimous decision over Kanwarsher Randhawa in the 215-pound category.



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