Love Sports? Driven by Success?

We’re looking for staff who want more than a “job”, individuals who want to be part of a staff team and strong organization, and who are able to contribute to further grow the sports and entertainment success story at the Langley Events Centre.

Specifically, we’re looking for dynamic individuals who consider themselves sports fanatics, with an uncanny ability of keeping intricate details in order, partners and guests happy, and inspiring the staff team. We are looking for the right people. Talented, experienced people with low ego that want to work. And who to them the work isn’t really work, it’s fun. So we’d like you to tell us what you can do as part of the staff group to contribute to the further success of the LEC.

There are some specific areas for which the right individuals can make an immediate impact:

And there are some general areas for which we’re always looking for great individuals:

As we said, we’re continually looking for the right people to add to the staff team.

Our “Demands”

It might seem strange that we put “demands” in a post such as this. But then again, we’re looking for unique people. And we don’t want to waste your time if it’s not going to be a good fit. So here’s the list:

You must love sports – all sports – entertainment and events.

You want to bring your own skill set to work with a dynamic group of unique personalities. We are here to complement one another and work together.

You have the ability to communicate well via verbal, written, and in-person methods. Strong people skills are a must have.

If you’re our sort of person, keep reading, we want you to join our team. If not, no worries, there’s plenty of other companies happy with mediocrity.

How to Apply

Simply send an email containing at a minimum the following three things:

Beyond those three items, don’t hesitate to include something to make yourself stand out, you can decide what that might be. And, because details are important to us, here’s a tiny test... When you email your materials - in the very first line of your letter - include “I’m a Sports Fanatic” (quotations optional).

Thank you

Lastly, thanks very much for your interest in the Langley Events Centre. If you’re interested in the facility, some background information can be found here.

Hope to receive your email soon!

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